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Update 2020

We have to spread the very sad news that Barclay McMillan, former stationmanager and Helmuth Euler, the photographer from Werl both have passed away. Barclay died on Nov. 2nd, 2019 and Helmuth on March 4th, 2020. They both did a major contribution the revival of Radio CAE.


Now 50 years ago Radio CAE quit the airwaves...

In honour of this occasion we will release a film about Radio CAE on October 18th 2020 on YouTube. Starting with a portrait of the station before midnight it presents the original closedown again „live“ exactly at 0 hours.

Afterwards some gleanings will follow about the developements during the passed years like to be found on this website. Witnesses of the past will be presented as well as many memories in pictures and sound. The exact starting time of the film will be announced here later.



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