A German as announcer at Radio CAE

Wolfgang Zschauer worked from April to June 1969 as a translator for British and Canadian car sellers and their customers in Lippstadt. Sometimes it happened, that he had to transport new cars to Werl. So he got into contact with Radio CAE, a member of the staff showed him the station and introduced him to the momentary personnel on duty. Later he was allowed to visit the station without Canadian company at anytime he liked. So it happened, that he was some evening invited by the announcer into the studio, to do the show with him. Here is what he has to say:

My general interests were in technical things, e.g. shape of the program, accordance between sound engineering and announcer, the insert of news etc. The technician Heinz Gunnarson explained it all very patient and detailed to me, but they didn't really understand, how somebody could show so much interest in that, because for the staff of the station it was "just a job", done very well and with lots of fun. Suddenly around midnight the announcer Private Ed Melanson invited me to come into the studio, visible behind the turntables (picture 3). There were two studios, and that one you could only reach from the controlroom. Simultaneously from the other studio a soldier (probably a clergyman) dedicated the midnight blessings to the audience, which took about five minutes.

Then at 00.05 A.M. "Night Piquet" went on the air. Together with Ed I was allowed to announce various takes and address private messages in German and English to the public, too. Before he had introduced me to the audience and told them, he would do the show tonight for exeption not alone. I was totally bewildered, because all that happened spontaneously. Later then, when we walked out of the studio, I realized, what had happened. Both, the announcer and Heinz Gunnarson were full of praise, especially about my very good English and the alleged missing of stagefright - no dropout, no stuttering, no

The pictures (noch zu verlinken) were made during a later visit, when I could dedicate again greetings to our mutual friends. I hope I could help on a little - because the memories all are living up again wonderful alert and clear…


The last four hours

The last four hours of broadcasting from Radio CAE" on Oct. 18th, 1970 once again brought a mixture of great music, plenty of information about the history of the station and interviews with those involved in more than a decade of radio history. This show is available on 4 CD's (every hour also on one single CD) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More CAE-shows like „Pops On Parade", „Music In The Night", „Teen Time" and more by request.

Price per CD: US-$ 20,- (plus $ 5,- for p & p)

Packet price 4 CD's: US-$ 80,- (plus $ 10,- for p & p)


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