Beispiel “Station Sign Off” from October 29th, 1968, by Private Ric Awde. Every night at midnight the program of Radio CAE was closed down with this announcement, followed by the National Anthem of Canada.
Beispiel André Hebert, the first announcer of Radio CAE
André Hebert (see picture gallery(noch zu verlinken)) made on March 21st, 1956 at 5 P.M. the very first announcement for Radio CAE. Here his reminiscence of that event.
Beispiel „What’s on tonight“ from July 30th 1970, performed by Rob Bull. This announcement was aired weekdays at 5.40 P.M. right before “Pops On Parade” and informed in English and French about events around the brigade and the actual movie-shows.
Beispiel „Station ID dating back to June 24th, 1970 at 5.45 P.M.:
John Hanlon announces “Pops On Parade”.
Beispiel „Station ID dating back to June 24th, 1970 at 6.30 P.M.:
Roy Smith announces the frequency and exact time.
Beispiel Trailer about CAE (annoncer: John Hanlon).
Beispiel The beginning of the show “The last four hours of broadcasting from Radio CAE” from October 18th, 1970 with DJ Mal Jones. The little station had just four hours left in its life, before station-manager Barclay McMillan announced in German, French and English (and with tears in his eyes) “the end”…
Beispiel Formar station-manager (1964-1967) Mr. Hans Konow with a nice anecdote during the last broadcast on Oct. 18th, 1970. Hans Konow died in 1991.
Beispiel Don McGibbon via phone from Lahr with his statement concerning the closedown of Radio CAE, broadcasted in “The Last Four Hours”. Don McGibbon died in 1987.
Beispiel Barclay McMillan, Louie Ruhs and Texas Heinz rapping about things during visit at Fort Victoria in summer of 2002.
Beispiel The voice of Cpl. Camie McKay, one of the most popular DJ’s at Radio CAE, to many still known from his early morning show „Dawn Patrol“. Camie is living today in Canada.
Beispiel Excerpt from Ted Wood’s interview with “Texas Heinz” Gunnesson from Sept. 18th, 2002:
That’s how Tex got his nickname…
Beispiel NEW: Summer of 1970 - trailer concerning the very last show, announced by John Hanlon.

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