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Sound examples concerning qualified mastering: for the tracks below all sources were normal „digital remastered“ CDs from the free market, some of them even from “golden series”. In first place an original 1:1 digital transfer from the original CD is to be heard, after that you can hear Eroc’s enhancing treatment.

All of these original CDs have one thing in common: they are nothing else but a deception to the customers. In all these cases remastering was done sloppy, although on the covers it’s claimed to be “remastered carefully”. The industry doesn’t give a damn what they are selling in case of audio-quality to the people. With the brand “digital” on it a product seems to sell better, anyway, because either the musicians or the customers don’t know anything about what can be reached by qualified digital remastering. These examples stand for a huge variety of 3rd class crap on the market, declared as “remastered”...

You can be assured: all projects listed here under productions match the highest sound-quality possible.

a-b comparison

Picture 1: Waveform of an A/B comparison from a track by Ian Gillan, left 1:1 taken from a 1999 released „remastered“ British CD, right Eroc’s mastering treatment.

topThe optical difference seems to show more level in Eroc’s version, but that’s not true. The original reaches 0 dB digital top in peaks, while Eroc’s version stays -0.1 dB beyond this limit. In spite of that Eroc’s treatment sound much more powerful.

Listen to this one in spot 4 below...



A/B comparisons



Lee Clayton

Lee Clayton A/B  (MP3 - 587 KB)

Birth Control

Birth Control A/B  (MP3 - 547 KB)


Blackbox A/B (MP3 - 695 KB)

Ian Gillan

Ian Gillan A/B (MP3 - 1.44 MB)

Amon Düül

Amon Düül A/B  (MP3 - 1.39 MB)

Canned Heat

Canned Heat A/B  (MP3 - 1.40 MB)

Climax Blues Band

Climax Blues Band A/B  (MP3 - 1.17 MB)


Due to the announcement on the first page we schedule to post the sound examples of Grobschnitt’s “Rockpommel’s Land” remastering in a few days here...